Gunung Kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu

Gunung Kinabalu is ascended by two primary tourist routes; Timpohon Gate in Kinabalu Park or Mesilau (now closed till further notice). A climbing package usually involves an overnight stay at Laban Rata but a day permit can be obtained at the park headquarters; this is an early morning climb dependant on weather, with a cut-off before 12-1pm to reach Low's Peak (approx 4,100 meters high).

Otherwise, the usual climb begins at a moderate pace to Laban Rata Guesthouse at 3,270 meters high. Along the way, climbers stop for breaks and a packed lunch. At Laban Rest, it's rest and food until 2am, when the final push begins to catch the sunrise at summit. Upon conquest, linger in the dramatic view and then descent to base.